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Ceiling Painting and Retexturing in Kansas City

When most homeowners go to remodel their Overland Park or Kansas City home, they tend to forget about their ceiling. It's there in every room, but often homeowners just forget to look up. The look of your ceiling can show the age of your home. Ceilings, just like wall treatments and upholstery, have trends and need to be updated to look new.

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In the past, popcorn ceilings were customary in homes in the Kansas City area; they were bright, white, and easy to maintain. In recent years, Paint Pro, Inc. has been called in to remove popcorn ceilings for the health risk and to give Overland Park homes an updated feel with ceiling painting or ceiling retexturing.


Paint Pro, Inc. in Overland Park has often found that the ceilings of local homes are the most neglected part of a room. Unless they have water damage or are in serious disarray, they are left alone. Our professionals have been told it's not the task of ceiling painting that homeowners find daunting but the mess that's involved. If you're knocking down popcorn ceilings or retexturing, white dust can get everywhere, and ceiling painting involves dripping paint; both of which could ruin your home's interior if not properly covered.


This is why Paint Pro, Inc. in Overland Park is the first call an Overland Park or Kansas City homeowner should make when needing their ceiling painted or retextured. We have the tools and knowledge to perform ceiling retexturing and ceiling painting in your home without the mess. If your Kansas City home still has a popcorn ceiling or dated plaster ceiling, let us remove it and retexture using a current style to bring your home back to life.

If you simply want a layer of paint on your ceiling without ceiling retexturing we are able to take on that task too. For a non-textured ceiling, we paint with standard rollers but for a home with textured ceilings, specifically popcorn ceilings, we find that ceiling painting is best performed by spraying. It allows us to get a more even coat of paint in-between any grooves or bumps associated with the texture.


Most homeowners leave ceiling painting and ceiling retexturing to the professionals because it is a difficult task; it requires hours spent on a ladder and proper room preparation. Paint Pro, Inc. in Overland Park is prepared to take on even the biggest of challenges that Overland Park and Kansas City homeowners can offer them, call 913-685-4089 today to set up an appointment or to schedule a free estimate.

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