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Stucco Panel Siding

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Stucco as a siding option has been around for generations. Many homeowners love the look of traditional stucco but aren’t so crazy about the cost. Stucco is one of the more expensive siding options. While Stucco is great in warm, dry climates, here in the Kansas City area where we can have wet, extreme winters, problems can arise.


For Kansas City homeowners who want the look of Stucco, Paint Pro has the solution: Fiber cement stucco panel siding from CertainTeed. Stucco Panel Siding offers the best of both worlds – the beauty and charm of traditional hand-troweled stucco combined with the durability, strength, and affordability of fiber cement siding.


It stands up well to drastic and extreme weather, including hail, high winds, and drastic temperature changes. Fiber cement stucco siding also is non-combustible and will not ignite. It also holds paint better than other siding materials, meaning you won’t have to paint nearly as often.

As with other styles of fiber cement siding, fiber cement stucco panel siding offers several benefits over other types of siding. Fiber cement stucco panel siding will not rot, swell or warp. It is impervious to termites and other wood-boring insects, as well as woodpeckers.


CertainTeed’s stucco panel siding is available in a variety of sizes, offering design flexibility. It also offers a 50-year product warranty. In addition, Paint Pro offers a 5-year warranty on labor.

It is important to note that fiber cement stucco siding is NOT the same as EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) stucco siding, a synthetic stucco siding material that has been linked with moisture retention and mold issues.

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