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This particular window is too far gone for a reliable repair. If I don’t expect the repair to last for more than 2 years, it often isn’t worth fixing.

Kansas City exterior wood rot and window replacement Overland Park, Kansas windows that need to be replaced Bottom of Door in Kansas City that needs to be replaced due to wood rot
Overland Park Kansas Window Trim Wood Rot

We have a window solution to fill virtually every need and that makes us unique in this market.

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When it comes to windows and doors, we have the ability to offer a LOT of options! Unlike some of the “name brand retailers” we don’t have to pick from a restricted stable of options. Choosing a window is an important decision and we have the tools to help you make the best possible choice for your home. Take some time and browse the pictures in the gallery above to see some of the options we have to offer.


What exactly IS a replacement window? A replacement window is a full frame window that fits inside your existing window frame. These windows can be made from a variety of materials from vinyl to aluminum clad wood. Depending on the condition and configuration of your existing windows, these may be a good option for you.


We do things a little different when it comes to installing replacement windows. You won’t find cheap metal wraps on the outside of our windows! Why not? We’ve actually uncovered extensive damage hidden by these wraps. You can see examples of that in our picture gallery. These wraps are never water or air tight. The caulking used to seal them usually turns brown and look like pinstripes, not exactly what I want to see on my windows! We actually replace the brickmolding on the exterior with composite PVC. Before that happens though, we inspect the rough opening and insert insulation to eliminate air infiltration.


When replacing your existing windows with new construction style windows, we actually see your wall studs during the installation. The old window is removed, frame and all, unlike a replacement window. Again, these windows can be made from vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum clad wood.

Fiberglass? Like the insulation? Well, yes, but more like a Corvette! Windows made from fiberglass are much stronger than vinyl windows and feature thinner frames. Since both the frame and glass are made from glass, they expand and contract at the same rate, putting less pressure on the frames, eliminating possible warping issues. Heavy duty factory finishes are applied to the frame extrusions that allow for more exterior color choices.


Why would I install a wood window when the ones I have are rotten? There are many reasons a wood window is the right choice for you. One of our manufacturers has a “wood” window where all of the exterior surfaces are made from rot free PVC. Wood windows like these are paintable to match your existing décor. This means you don’t HAVE to replace all of your windows to make sure they match! The reasons that wood windows rot are numerous. Unfortunately, lack of maintenance is one of the most common reasons that wood windows fail. Proper installation and finishing can add years to a window’s life.


Ask us about our window pre-finishing services for our wood interior units!


No matter what type of window you currently have, we have a solution for you! Give us a call and let us help you with YOUR project today!


Of course, we can also replace your exterior doors as well. Like windows, there are many choices when it comes to door materials. From insulated steel door units to exotic hardwoods, your choices are limitless! As with windows, we also offer pre-finishing, reducing installation time and the paint odors involved in the process.

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