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Wood Rot

This Leawood home had beautiful custom trim that was in need of help. Previous attempts are repair with wood filler were not making things better.

Tired of looking at rotten siding, trim and windows?

Look at the pictures above and call us for a permanent solution.

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Thanks to our varied climate and the nature of wood products, wood rot has become a fact of life in our area. There are many causes of fungus that is wood rot. The most common factor is moisture infiltration. Water is an amazing substance! It can find its way into pretty much any small hole or gap. Once it gets in, it has a tendency to stay in thanks to the lack of sunlight.


There are many ways to deal with rotten areas. You can cover them up with a larger trim board, but that is only a temporary solution. Wood fillers or caulk can also buy you a little time, but the wood usually ends up rotting right around it. The best way to eliminate the problem is by replacing the damaged areas and taking steps to keep the moisture out.


There are many materials available today that are designed to resist or eliminate rot altogether. Many window parts are available in composite PVC that have all of the characteristics of wood, but cannot rot. Trim boards made from PVC or other materials can offer the same benefits. Properly sealed and installed, cedar trim boards are a great alternative to pine. Siding and trim made from Fiber Cement can also be an excellent option.


If we can’t offer a long term repair solution on your windows, we’ll tell you in advance. Sometimes replacement is your best option in the long term. If replacement is necessary, we work with several window manufacturers and offer the best solution for you.

Many factors are considered when we make our recommendations. The bottom line is that we will formulate a solution that fits your particular situation.


Our services include:

  • Rotten window sills and brickmoldings.
  • Casement window repairs
  • Hardboard siding replacement.
  • Decorative trim replacement
  • Trim board replacement
  • Flashing replacement and installation
  • Curved moldings
  • Crowns and window headers
  • Soffits and fascia replacement
  • Garage door trim
  • Weatherstripping
  • Column and post replacement
  • Porch railings


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